The sweetness, color and scent of these pieces reflect the ancient wisdom we inherited from nature.
Unbound by convention, they’re just the right size for our world today.
If something is too big, it loses its beauty.
If something is too small, it won’t resonate.
Perfectly proportioned for today’s eyes and palates.


Uguisumochi February 4th – 29th

Kimishigure February 4th – 29th

Akamaimochi February 4th – 29th

Sakuramochi March 3rd – April 3rd

Yomogimochi March 3rd – April 3rd

Sanshokudango March 3rd – April 3rd

Botamochi Smooth red bean paste・Roasted soybean powder・Coarse red bean paste・Black sesame seeds March 17th – 23rd

Kashiwamochi Smooth red bean paste・Miso white bean paste April 4th – May 5th