The elegance of each season is enfolded into Japanese confections.
Cherry blossoms in the spring, a moment of coolness in the summer, autumn colors in the fall, snow landscapes in the winter.
Confections that embrace the seasons, delighting our eyes and hearts.

Yuzu Domyojikan January 15th – Late February

Hamakika January 15th – February 14th

Cocoa Rakugan January 15th – Late February

Setsubunmame January 15th – February 3rd

Hina-arare February 4th – March 3rd

Sakura Domyojikan March 4th – Late April

Shinchakan April 26th – Late May

Amanatsu Domyojikan May 27th – Late August

Aodake Mizuyokan June 14th – Late August

Shoga Yokan August 19th – Late October

Kakigoromo October 1st – Late January

Kurimushi Yokan October 8th – Early December

Chitose-ame October 11th – Late November

Ringo & Nikki Domyojikan October 21st – Late November

Kajitsu & Kinomi Domyojikan November 13th – Mid January

Kagamimochi Late September – Mid December

Osechi of sweets Late September – Mid December